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Payment Terms & Maintenance Policies

  1. An approved invoice and 50% deposit is required for new website design. Balance due on delivery and any additional costs must be paid in full before website is rendered active and search engine registrations will be completed.
  2. All requests for updates and changes (maintenance) must be submitted in writing by email or attachment to email (.doc, .pdf, .txt, .rtf). Urgent requests may be phoned in, but must be followed up with written requests.
  3. Contracted maintenance requests will be completed within two business days of initial request. Exempt from this are changes or updates that require more than 4 hours to complete or where further consultations with the customer are required.
  4. Deposits will be required for extended updates or upgrades to site. Deposits will be based on time estimated for work. Unless other arrangements are made, a 50% deposit will be required prior to commencement of work. All outstanding account balances must be paid in full before new work is started.
  5. Maintenance contract work will have priority over non-contracted work. Requests for changes and updates not under contract will be handled on a first come, first serve basis.
  6. Billing for updates and changes will be at the currently hourly rate ($75/hour as of June 1, 2002).
  7. Changes or updates specifically requested to be made before or after business hours, on weekends or holidays will be billed at $100.00 per hour with prior customer approval.
  8. Invoices will be emailed upon completion of work, or once a month in the case of maintenance fees.
  9. Payment for maintenance services rendered is due within 15 days of work completion.
  10. Late or non-payment of charges will allow us to remove or replace any updated or changed web pages or files at our discretion.
  11. A late charge of 5% will be assessed to payments not received by due date and for each billing period (30 days) payment is overdue.
  12. If full payment is not received within 60 days, balance due and any incurred late charges will be turned over to collection.

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